Searching for orders

1. Go to “Customers” tab in Sales Express

2. Search for your client via the “Company name”, “Postal Code”, “City/Town” search fields

3. Top right search field will also execute a search on the company name, and you can also enter an account # here.

4. Once you have found the customer, click the dropdown arrow on the left of the customer name at the bottom of the page

5. Check customer status:

  • Active – good to book an order
  • Awaiting Approval – Changes have been made to the client’s settings that have to be approved by A/R – however you can still book ads with the client
  • On Hold – A/R has put the account on hold and you will not be able to book ads until the client is taken off hold – contact A/R to inquire
  • In-Active – the customer has been inactivated in the system – you cannot book ads. Contact A/R for info

6. Click “View Orders” and get redirected to the order page

7. You will be redirected to the dashboard displaying al orders, including drafts for this particular client