Order Options (New, Renew, Edit, View, Cancel, Print)

New: This allows you to create a new order for this specific client.

Renew: This allows you to copy the order and create a new one from it. If this is a “pickup” and will require the R number. Note, using renew will copy everything about a line item, including any creative files attached to the original line item. Note, renew will not copy any overrides on the order

View: This allows you to open the order in read-only mode. You cannot change it from here. Use Edit to change the order.

Edit: This allows you to open the order and make changes to it.

Cancel: This kills the order. When you click on the link you will be asked for a reason for the cancellation. Then click ok on the Yes cancel this order button. The cancellation will flow to the downstream systems (Affinity & DTI) killing the related order information in these systems

Hold: TBD 

Print: Click on the print icon in the Order Summary in order to print out the order and line item information. (not currently functional)