How to Submit a track-it ticket

1. Enter “Username” and “Password” provided and click “Log In” or click “Log in using your windows account”

2. Click “Add a New Work Order”

3. If entering issues on behalf of someone else, fill in their contact information under:

  • Call Back Number
  • SS-Requester
  • SS-Email

Note all of the red highlighted fields are required

4. Set the “Order Received By” to 0-SelfServe

5. Describe the issue as best as you can in the notes field

6. Set your priority to the default 1-Low. This priority setting will elicit a 1 day response.

7. Attach screenshots if applicable

8. Choose your site

9. Choose your Type/Subtype/Category options that best fits your issue.


Service Request – adding something new, add to the system

Software Enterprise – All Issues troubleshooting and error (sales express, DTI, Affinity)

Software Desktop – Browser related, something wrong with Desktop


Usually Sales Express

10. Click on “My Work Orders” to see a list of your

11. To view completed work orders click on “Closed Work Orders”