How to apply an override

1. Remember, overrides should only be done with the approval of an ad coordinator, when the order price that Sales Express generates is discrepant from the price on your sellsheet or the rate card.

2. Notify ad coordinator that the price in the system is incorrect

3. Gain approval to override from ad coordinator

4. Enter order normally (reference Creating and Placing an Order), until you are on the “Save as Draft” step.

5. After saving as a draft, select “Apply Override”

Override Options

Flat rate override – Entire order – will change the entire order price to the flat rate entered

Flat rate override – Insertion level – will distribute the flat rate between selected insertions so that they add up to said flat rate

Flat rate override – Value per insertion – will change each insertion selected to the flat rate you enter

Discount – can apply a percentage or fixed discount to an insertion, or the entire order

Surcharge – can apply a percentage or fixed charge to an insertion, or the entire order

How to apply a flat rate override:

1. Select the flat rate bubble at the top of the override screen

2. Enter the flat rate in the “Flat Rate” blank

3. Select the calculation method

4. If selected an insertion calculation method, select which insertions you would like the flat rate to be applied to

5. Select a reason for the override

6. Click “Apply”


7. Once “Apply” has been selected, you will notice your discount appear in red, under “Applied Price Changes” as well as on the actual insertion(s) or order itself

8. In order to remove your discount, check the box next to it and click “remove selected”

9. Exit out of this window, then save your order