Creating and placing a new order (Inc. multi-market)

Creating and placing a new order

1. Go to “Customers” tab in Sales Express

2. Search for your client via the “Company name”, “Postal Code”, “City/Town” search fields

3. Top right search field will also execute a search on the company name, and you can also enter an account # here.

4. Once you have found the customer, click the dropdown arrow on the left of the customer name at the bottom of the page

5. Check customer status:

  • Active – good to book an order
  • Awaiting Approval – Changes have been made to the client’s settings that have to be approved by A/R – however you can still book ads with the client
  • On Hold – A/R has put the account on hold and you will not be able to book ads until the client is taken off hold – contact A/R to inquire
  • In-Active – the customer has been inactivated in the system – you cannot book ads. Contact A/R for info

6. Click “Create Order” and get redirected to the order page

7. The grayed out fields on the order page are automatically filled – you will not need, or be able to change them

8. All yellow fields must be filled to create an order

9. Select the publication you wish to book into from the “Publication” dropdown menu

10. Select “Product Type” (Feature or ROP/Section/Placement)

11. Select the section you wish to book into from the dropdown menu

12. Select size

a) If you are booking a modular-sized ad (a standard ROP size), select it from the dropdown menu “Modular Size”.

b) If the size you are trying to select is non-modular, select the “Non-Modular” bubble – please note that if a size is already available in the Modular Size column, its dimensions will be un-selectable in the Non-Modular size column

13. Select the dates of your booking

  • If a date is green it means it is available to book into
  • If a date is orange it is past the booking deadline
  • If a date is blue it has been selected
  • Note that the system will automatically select the next available date, so when you are booking it is wise to press “Clear all dates” before making selections)

14. If ad is in black and white, select black and white from the “color” dropdown menu

15. Select Production Method and Creative Assignment (hyperlink these to their info page)

16. Leave any notes for production (such as R#s, or specific instructions) in the “Production Notepad”, and any layout instructions in the “Layout Notepad”

17. Select “Add to Order

  • If the order does not appear as a line item on the right side of the page under “Print”, be sure you have filled in all yellow fields. If you missed a yellow field, it will be highlighted in red once you click “Add to Order”, and the system will notify you of the unfilled field(s) in red at the bottom and top of your screen

18. Enter a Campaign name

19. Apply Override if necessary (Link to override screen)

20. Save your order as a draft – this will ensure that you will be able to return to the order if you accidentally leave the page.

21. If ready to place your order, select “Place Order”

Entering Multi-Market Orders

Complete steps 1-21 and continue with step 22

22. Once you have selected “Add to Order”, and your first line item appears on the right side under “Print”, the left side of the screen will reset to its default settings, and you can add another line item in a different market to that same order by repeating steps 1-21